Harm from Dust: Why the Carpet Should Be Dry-Cleaned

Harm from Dust Why the Carpet Should Be Dry-Cleaned

The carpets are magnificent. They enhance the look of your premises and give you warmth to feel at home. Even on commercial premises, carpets add to the interiors of the room.
Being spread around a large area, they get a lot of dust and dirt with daily wear and tear, foot traffic and negligence.
The carpet dry clean-up process helps eliminate dirt, dust and debris without any side effects and water retention. With dry techniques, just as you can get upholstery clean and shining, in the same way, carpets get a thorough clean up with dry cleaning techniques.
Other carpet cleaning methods like carpet steam cleaning, vacuuming, and beating are all more tedious and may be costly. But dry cleaning of carpets is quick, easy, effective and less expensive than others.
Let us discuss the technique and why the carpets need a dirt-free dry cleaning process for the best results.

How Often Should You Get Your Carpet Dry Cleaned?

The carpet dry cleaning requirements are evident, and with time and usage, your carpets demand more frequent dry cleaning services.
Like you get your upholstery clean-up services by professionals with dry cleaning techniques, the carpet also gets an effective cleaning service by dry techniques.
If you have pets and kids, the foot traffic in your house is more, various conditions make your home location susceptible to dirt, dust and allergens; getting the carpet dry cleaned once every 4-6 months is advisable.
Apart from frequent vacuuming, you can call professional carpet dry cleaners to get your carpet an effective and long-lasting carpet dry cleaning service.
So it is advisable to take care of your carpet cleaning needs and get the carpet dry cleaned once every 4 to 6 months.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Vs. Steam Cleaning

Dry cleaning the carpet or getting a steam cleaning service all depends on your choice, budget, carpet needs and requirements.
The carpet dry cleaning technique has better features and benefits than carpet steam cleaning.
Let us see some of the major points of difference between the two.
● Moisture
When you get the carpet and upholstery clean-up, done by steam cleaning, you make your furnishings vulnerable to moisture through the treatment. In comparison, the dry cleaning method keeps the furnishings and fixtures dry and moisture-free.
● Wet And Dry
The steam cleaning technique leaves the carpet and the upholstery clean but wet. The carpet dry cleaning method keeps the carpet dry.
● Quick
Carpet dry cleaning is quicker than carpet steam cleaning. A dry cleaning process takes 50-60 minutes, whereas steam cleaning takes much more time to complete.
● Immediately use the carpet
The accumulation of dirt, dust and debris makes the carpet cleaning process time taking. As dry carpet cleaning is quick and has no water and moisture residue, you can immediately use the carpet after the clean-up.
● No drying required
After dry carpet cleaning, there is no need to dry the carpet, which is needed in the steam cleaning method.
● No fancy tools and machines required
For upholstery clean-up and dry carpet cleaning, no big machines and fancy tools are required, unlike in steam cleaning professional steam cleaner is the basic need.
● Costs involved
Carpet steam cleaning is costly compared to dry carpet cleaning.
So dry cleaning the carpet is a better method to adopt for your carpet’s thorough clean-up.

Benefits: Why the Carpet Should Be Dry-Cleaned

The carpet dry clean-up process is highly beneficial in the long run and for the safety of your carpets. It is a better cleaning process that fulfils all the carpet needs and requirements to get thoroughly cleaned.
Let us list some of the benefits of the carpet dry cleaning technique.
● No Moisture On The Carpet – Less Damage Due To Moisture
The carpet dry cleaning technique has no moisture retention on the fibre and its roots. The process profoundly eliminates dirt, dust and allergens and leaves no water or damp conditions.
● No Water Usage- Water Conservation
The dust particles, mud, soil and dirt get effectively removed from the carpet by dry cleaning without any water. It conserves water and keeps the carpets away from moisture.
● Use Carpet Just After The Clean-Up
The best part of dry cleaning is using the carpet immediately after the clean-up. You don’t need to wait for any drying or other steps.
● Deep Cleaning Of Carpet With Modern Techniques
Carpet dry cleaning involves encapsulation methods or compounds that are biodegradable and leave no residue. They are made of organic things like wood that gets easily removed with dirt after the process and do not harm the environment.
● Eco-Friendly Compounds Are Used – No Risk Of Toxic Chemicals
The carpet dry cleaning method removes dirt with eco-friend;y techniques that don’t harm the occupants of the property and the environment.
● No Risk Of Mould Or Mildew Formation
Any other cleaning technique can make your upholstery clean process or carpet cleaning susceptible to mould and mildew. But with dry carpet cleaning, there is no such risk as no water is involved.
● Prevent Unpleasant Smell During And After Clean-up
The carpet dry cleaning technique has no smell left after the process nor encourages any chemical or damp odour. So the result is a clean and odour neutraliser on the carpet with no bad smell or with a scent of a perfume that you may choose after the clean-up.
● No Risk Of Carpet Shrinkage
The removal of dirt, dust and allergens by dry carpet cleaning ensures a clean carpet without any damage of shrinkage and damp residuals. The carpets are safe while getting a dry cleaning treatment.
● Prolongs The Life Of The Carpet
The carpet or upholstery clean-up gets your expensive furnishing at the risk of getting damaged in the process; with dry cleaning, there is no such risk. On the other hand, dry cleaning increases the carpet’s life as it stays dirt-free and has no damaging fibre residuals.
● Easy And Quick Process
The carpet dry cleaning process is easy and quick compared to other cleaning techniques.
So getting your carpet a quick, easy, cost-friendly dry cleaning process from time to time is highly beneficial and long-lasting.
Call and hire professionals to do it for you in the best possible way.