How to Maintain an Oriental Rug?

Rugs or carpets originated several centuries ago in the mid-east and early Egyptian civilizations. They were meant to be only for the monarchs and prestigious peoples in society. But as time passed and inter-continental trade started, the business for tufts gained momentum. This made way for the carpet to reach every home. Well, the carpet we see today is much more different than what it used to be and still is in the eastern and southern parts of Asia. Oriental rugs have distinct designs and patterns on them, making them look much more superior to their generic, western counterparts. 

Adding an ode to its supremacy, oriental rugs also need special care, which includes cleaning and maintenance. They need regular attention, as they are made up of natural fibers, like wool and cotton, unlike the synthetic ones. This structure makes them prone to several insect attacks, and also stinks and stains if not attended properly. 

Also, They Need Special Care to Clean Too, Generic Carpet Cleaning Won’t Do The Trick:


To clean off the dust and dirt on the carpet, use a vacuum cleaner. Dust off the whole carpet so that there is minimal residue. You can also use a brush or a rug beater to get this chore done, but it involves fumigation of rooms with dust clouds, so better avoid it. 

The dusting of the carpet using vacuum is important in many ways. It helps in cleaning the debris, dust, and gravel off the carpet. It also prevents any suffocation for those who suffer from grave respiratory problems, both acute and chronic.

The vacuum can be accompanied by steam cleaning too. Steam cleaning is an excellent carpet cleaning method, cleaning out all the dirt and even rigid stains in one sitting. 


Detergent is used in several fibre-based clothes and rugs. It also helps in certain heavy-duty cleaning procedures too. Carpet cleaning eases when detergent is involved, as it provides the cleaning as well as the stain removal. It can be mixed with several other ingredients, including baking soda and vinegar to get better results.

  • Spread the detergent mixture over the entire carpet using a sprayer or a roller.
  • Let it sit for a while so that the dust settles in the solution.
  • Wash it off or scrub it with a moist cloth.
  • Pat with a dry paper towel to blot excess moisture.
  • Let it dry in the open air to provide any moisture.


Bleach can be used to get rid of certain stains, stinks, and even disinfect an entire place or locality off germs. Bleach is an excellent cleaning agent too, based on the previous engagements with heavy-duty cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a good example of that, as it gets rid of almost every stain and stinks on a tuft.

  • Mix the bleaching powder with dry detergent.
  • Spread it evenly on the carpet. 
  • Let it sit for a while.
  • Move a vacuum cleaner above the carpet deeply to root out the mixture.
  • Repeat 2-3 times if necessary. 
  • Blot out any moisture if present and let dry in the open air.
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